Redbubble Automation Software

Posted on Fri 03 March 2023 in Reviews

Many are struggling financially in the current climate of high interest rate and rising living cost. People are forced to cut back on discretionary spending. But people are resilient. They keep their expenditure in check, and they look for new ways to supplement their income, one of them being the print on demand space, specifically Redbubble.

Selling art works on Redbubble - the largest print-on-demand marketplace - can generate a moderate side income for you. While this is not a new concept, it hasn't been easy to pull of, until now.

In this post I'll explain what print on demand and Redbubble are, and how you can gain a competitive advantage by using an automation tool called PODlify.

What is Redbubble?

If you're not familiar with Redbubble and print on demand in general, here's a quick crash course: In the world of POD, artists upload their art works in the form of, say, PNG files to a marketplace like Redbubble. Then through clever marketing, Redbubble finds buyers for these art works. Instead of purchasing an art work as a digital file, a buyer gets it in the form of a physical product, such as a t shirt, a pair of leggings, a poster, etc, with the art work printed on it. Print on demand is a business model where the virtual world meets the physical world.

What is PODlify?

There are a lot of side hustle ideas out there. What sets POD apart is how little financial investment it requires.

Unfortunately, POD does come with its own challenges. First, it's a pretty competitive space, though to be fair, what isn't in this day and age? Second, it's too labor intensive if you want to reach a high volume, which you do, if you want to earn a decent income.

This is where PODlify comes in. It solves both of those problems.

What is PODlify? It's a cloud-based automation tool that sits between you and Redbubble. It also supports other major print on demand marketplaces such as TeePublic, Teespring, Society6, etc.

The role of PODlify is twofold. First it allows you to upload each file once (to PODlify), and have it magically appear in multiple marketplaces. Second, it acts as a convenience interface. Its upload process is much quicker than Redbubble's. Or any other marketplace for that matter.

PODlify screenshot

Why PODlify?

PODlify is for experienced and new artists alike.

For experienced artists who are already on Redbubble, there's a unique feature on PODlify that allows them to automatically replicate their whole Redbubble store to other marketplaces with just a few clicks. Imagine having thousands of art works on Redbubble that you want to move to another marketplace? Uploading each one manually would be unthinkable.

For new artists, PODlify opens up a new monetization pathway that would otherwise be infeasible. Because of how competitive POD is, artists have to be on multiple platforms to make the pursuit worthwhile. Uploading manually to multiple marketplaces would be time-prohibitive. Automated upload is the only way to go.

In terms of cost, PODlify has a free tier with limited daily uploads. For $20 a month you can increase that limit dramatically. It's really cheap considering how much time it saves you.


PODlify is especially great if you are new to the world of print on demand. It cuts out a lot of difficult tasks that make POD feel daunting. People don't avoid POD because they are lazy. They avoid it because it's just too much work.

To me this is PODlify's killer feature. It opens up a side hustle channel that you would otherwise avoid.