Supercharge Your Product Management Career with Product List

Supercharge Your Product Management Career with Product List

The future of product management has never been brighter. With the rise of Chief Product Officer roles and an increasing demand for product professionals, the need for a specialized job board was clear. Enter Product List: a platform designed from the ground up to enable product professionals at every stage of their career. Here's why Product List isn't just another job board.

Why Product List?

The creation of Product List was driven by two observations: the meteoric rise of product management as a key driver in technology companies and the lack of a dedicated space where product professionals could find their next career opportunity. Product List was created not just as a solution but as new way product management opportunities are discovered and pursued. Our mission is to facilitate connections between top product talent and innovative companies, ensuring the future of is shaped by the best minds.

What Makes Product List Unique?

Product List stands out in the digital job board landscape for several compelling reasons:

For Product Professionals:

  • Remote and Hybrid Work-Centric: Aligned with the future of work, Product List prioritizes flexibility. Our platform emphasizes remote and hybrid positions, catering to the modern workforce's desire for work-life balance and geographical freedom.
  • Easy Filtering: Product List offers a unique space where product management professionals can explore a wide array of opportunities tailored to their specific skills, experience, and career aspirations.
  • Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Our curated newsletter is an extension of our commitment to your professional development. Featuring the latest trends, insights, and success stories, it's designed to inspire and inform, keeping you ahead of the curve.

For Hiring Managers: 

  • Zero Cost to Get Started: In an effort to democratize access to quality opportunities, posting basic job ads on Product List is absolutely free. This inclusivity ensures a rich diversity of positions, from exciting startups to tech giants, making your job search as comprehensive as it is targeted for our user base.
  • Premium Features for Maximum Impact: Amplify your job listing with our paid enhancements. These premium options are designed to spotlight your opportunities, connecting you with highly motivated and skilled product managers eager to make a difference.