Unique Directory that Helps Small Indie Founders

Unique Directory that Helps Small Indie Founders

I am an indie maker who just launched a product directory called Under1000MRR Tools.

The idea behind Under1000MRR Tools came from my personal experience as an indie hacker. I had been building side projects for two years but most of them failed due to lack of marketing.

Because of this I started looking for product ideas that would help indie founders drive traffic to their products.

One day, while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a product named 1000.tools by David. I liked the '.tools' domain name. It was an impressive directory with 1000 slots to list your product.

But there was a problem. It allows all products, including those with much higher MRR, like $5k-$10k-$20k, to be listed.

This means that, from a visitor's perspective, your early-stage product can be easily overshadowed by others with higher MRRs, making it challenging to stand out.

So I built Under1000MRR.tools to address this issue by focusing exclusively on early-stage products generating under $1000 MRR. In this way, your product can gain the visibility it needs in the early days.

I know how it feels to struggle with user acquisition as a small-time founder. It's a huge challenge.

That's why I added the Testimonials and Deals features to Under1000MRR Tools. They're designed to help you convert prospects into users.

I'm also hard at work driving traffic to Under1000MRR Tools. I want to help participating founders by giving them ever increasing visibility.

Check out these results from the first 20 days since launch:

It also generated almost 200 outbound clicks during this period. It's promising, isn’t it?