Top LLM Tools for Frontend Development in 2024

Top LLM Tools for Frontend Development in 2024

Building the frontend has always been fascinating to me.

The creation process amazes me.

Yet, I've been frustrated by not being able to achieve even the simplest effects.

Getting responsiveness right, managing small fixes that everyone requests—sometimes it's overwhelming.

Fortunately, LLMs have revolutionized this field, simplifying the creation of beautiful and responsive apps.

Below is a quick summary of some of the best tools for frontend development:


CodeParrot is an AI-powered VS Code plugin that builds, tests, and optimizes frontend components.

It offers:

  • Support for Figma, Adobe XD, and screenshots. It saves you from having to craft very specific AI prompts.
  • Contextual Code. Simply specify your framework, language, coding standards and it will generate fully compatible code for you!
  • Support for custom component libraries, allowing you to reuse existing code
  • It fits with your development workflow, as it tightly integrates with VS Code
  • Add Functionality. CodeParrot is not just limited to building UI. You can add functionality using simple prompts.
  • A generous free tier

Vercel v0

Vercel v0 assists developers in building the first iteration of their product quickly.

You simply describe your interface, and v0 produces code using open-source tools like React, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI. You can then select an iteration and continue editing in v0.

What I like about Vercel v0:

  • It's built and backed by Vercel, the creator of Next.js
  • It features a powerful generative AI agent
  • It offers a free tier


Dhiwise enables rapid development of React and Flutter apps without compromising code quality or developer experience.

Its smart editor provides a creative space for developers to build apps without constant reference to Figma for design modifications.

What I like about Dhiwise:

  • It sntegrates with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch
  • It offers large template libraries
  • Its community and support

Which LLM tools are Best For Frontend?

Like most questions, the answer is "it depends".

CodeParrot is ideal for extending mid to large projects, offering support for custom components and integration with storybook.

Dhiwise is excellent for fast MVP creation, thanks to its smart editor.

If you are new to software development or seeking the least coding-intensive option, v0 will suit you, as it requires the lowest coding knowledge.